Goal 2: Student Success

Pittsburg State University will strengthen relationships and enhance support systems and tools to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.


Pittsburg State and the city of Pittsburg are proud of their shared commitment to support all students in their endeavors to succeed while enrolled at the University and throughout their lives. The University sees this as its duty to students, the region, and the state of Kansas. The University’s distinctively welcoming community, which fosters a sense of belonging for all its diverse members, is a core strength that it will nurture and leverage for the mutual benefit of students, faculty, and staff.


2.1 Increase

Increase the number of students who successfully attain a higher education credential.

2.2 Secure

Secure additional financial resources and employment opportunities for students.

2.3 Fulfill

Fulfill high expectations for engagement and interaction of students with faculty and staff.

2.4 Enhance

Enhance student support programs, services, and systems.

2.5 Expand

Expand opportunities to engage all students in campus life.

2.6 Cultivate

Cultivate a diverse campus culture of respect, understanding, and awareness.

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