Goal 3: Partnerships

Pittsburg State University will work with global and regional partners and the community of Pittsburg to enrich and advance cultural, economic, and educational opportunities.


Pittsburg State will work collaboratively with national, regional, and community of Pittsburg partners to advance the university and the regional community. The University recognizes this working relationship as one of its greatest strengths and areas of opportunity. There is an important and compelling story to be told about the University’s relationships with students and the community, its high-quality academic programs, its support for innovation, and its effectiveness in meeting the needs of the region, Kansas, and the world.


3.1 Collaborate

Collaborate with external stakeholders to promote joint planning, priority setting, and resource sharing.

3.2 Strengthen

Strengthen and diversify the University’s Division II athletics program to be nationally competitive and to provide mutually beneficial events and opportunities.

3.3 Support

Support and attract performances, artists, cultural opportunities, and competitions that are of mutual University and community interest.

3.4 Lead

Lead local and regional economic development through partnerships, programs, conferences, and events.

3.5 Promote

Promote the Pittsburg State University brand and invest in innovative ways to tell the Pittsburg State University story to increase visibility and engagement.

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