Goal 4: Innovation

Pittsburg State University will be positioned to anticipate, respond to, and capitalize on opportunities.


The pace, scope, and depth of change in higher education will continue to increase, and the need for innovation to address the world’s needs and challenges will continue to grow. New opportunities through which Pittsburg State can apply its existing expertise and develop new competencies are emerging regularly. In order to take the best advantage of these prospects—both those we expect and ones that are impossible to predict, save the fact that they will emerge—the University must be in a position to react efficiently, effectively, and convincingly. It must be both nimble and resilient.


4.1 Create

Create and emphasize University traditions to foster a greater sense of belonging.

4.2 Embrace

Embrace and systematically support innovation throughout the campus.

4.3 Identify

Identify and remove barriers to flexibility and adaptability.

4.4 Align

Align human and financial resources with growth expectations.

4.5 Strengthen

Strengthen internal communication and use effective methods to solicit feedback from internal constituents on key issues.

4.6 Inform

Use data to inform strategic decisions and resource allocation at all levels of the institution.

4.7 Attract

Create strategies to attract and retain well-qualified staff.

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