Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Pittsburg State University will be intentional in its efforts to improve the quality and value of existing educational programs while responding to the needs of Kansas and beyond through emerging strategic initiatives.


Pittsburg State’s solid foundation of high-quality academic programs provides an excellent platform for thoughtful growth and expansion that will respond to both opportunities presented in the marketplace and needs and priorities identified by the state of Kansas. By focusing a portion of its growth efforts on a small number of strategically identified areas, disciplines, and activities, the profile of the entire University can be elevated while it sustains its commitment to excellence in all academic programs.


1.1 Develop

Develop and optimize physical and financial resources to support both existing academic programs and emerging initiatives.

1.2 Create

Create strategies to attract and retain well-qualified faculty.

1.3 Stimulate

Stimulate and elevate research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.

1.4 Organize

Strategically organize and support new program development to ensure alignment with internal strengths and workforce needs.

1.5 Create

Create and support an inclusive program of faculty development using a diversity of methods, including technology.

1.6 Stimulate

Stimulate the development of targeted graduate and interdisciplinary programs.

1.7 Transform

Transform the general education curriculum to be cohesive and flexible in order to best prepare graduates for workforce and civic leadership.

1.8 Align

Align and strengthen assessment and program review processes.

pillar academic excellence