Introduction – Realize our true potential

MOMENTUM. It is difficult to achieve and even harder to sustain. Once secured, however, momentum allows an organization to realize its true potential.

Pittsburg State University has momentum on its side. You can see it in the record number of students on our campus, the growing number of accredited academic programs, the new facilities under construction and the increase of private gifts from our donors.

And yet, we understand that momentum can be fleeting and evaporate without a clear strategic plan for the future.

Our previous plan had served us well over the past eight years but the changing landscape of higher education demanded that we re-examine our values, vision and direction.

In November of 2013, PSU formally launched the start of its new strategic planning process with the creation of a special 20-member task force. This task force represented a broad cross-section of campus, reflecting the diversity of interests and perspectives that a university inherently includes.

The plan is the end result of more than 12 months of expanded campus and community conversations, intense data collection, and strategic priority sessions. It is ambitious, entrepreneurial, and quantifiable. It declares our values as an institution and our vision for the future.

Through its carefully articulated goals and strategic priorities, this plan defines a “Pathway to Prominence” for Pittsburg State.

This is only the beginning. We now must move forward upon the pathway that our campus and community have created. Annually, we will measure, review, and report on our progress. We know the journey may be difficult but we are committed to its end result.

It is an exciting time for PSU. Our momentum is strong, our community united, and our future is bright.

We invite you to join us as we begin our journey on the “Pathway to Prominence.”

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We encourage you to get involved and have your voice heard as we implement this ambitious strategic plan.