Mission & Vision


The mission of Pittsburg State University is to provide transformational experiences for its students and the community.

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Pittsburg State University will be the first choice for:

  • Students seeking a quality education through nationally recognized programs;
  • The most talented faculty and staff seeking dynamic careers;
  • Partnerships with communities, businesses, organizations, and individuals in the region;
  • External investment by donors, grant makers, and government.

Core Values


Continue a campus environment where students feel a connection to the university and its faculty and staff by making students and their success the driving force behind institutional decisions at all levels.


Ensure the university strives for outcomes that are exemplary by demanding quality in all aspects of the institution’s operations.

By Doing Learn

Perpetuate the university’s founding principal of “By doing learn” through the creation of academic programs and opportunities that engage students in real world activities.


Foster a diverse and international campus culture among students, faculty, and staff that supports an understanding and acceptance of a variety of ideas, beliefs, and cultures, thereby creating opportunity for all.


Enhance the university’s strong relationship with the region and the Pittsburg community by maintaining a welcoming campus and creating big university opportunities in a small campus atmosphere.


Encourage students, faculty and staff to take informed, calculated, and strategic risks to build upon their success, start new ventures, utilize new technologies, and forge an entrepreneurial path forward.


Recognize there are limited and finite resources in the world and, therefore, commit ourselves to establishing best practices to conserve resources as well as decrease the university's carbon footprint.